Meet the Trainer



IMG_4535Stacy Shubunka       

Stacy is the owner and head trainer at OC Paws Dog Training. She has been a professional animal trainer for over 12 years. She has an extensive background in the field of animal behavior. In addition to hands on experience, she has been educated in the field of animal care and training. Degrees and Certifications:

  • Associate of Science in Animal Training and Management
  • Bachelor of Science in Psychology (behavior)
  • Certificates in: Animal Behavior Management and Wildlife Education
  • Certified Professional Dog Trainer – Knowledge Assessed (CPDT-KA)

Stacy began her animal training career by attending the prestigious Moorpark College’s Exotic Animal Training and Management program. Upon completion, she began a career working with marine mammals at SeaWorld San Diego and Sea Life Park Hawaii. Stacy trained dolphins, sea lions, seals, and penguins. She performed shows, interactions, education presentations and even trained medical behaviors. While working at these facilities she mastered the art of animal behavior and training. She also pursued a degree in Psychology from California Coast University to further her understanding of behavior.

After working with marine mammals for 6 years, she focused on her passion of working with dogs. She began working for Birds and Animals Unlimited, one of the largest animal production companies. Here she trained dogs, cats, birds, pigs, monkeys, rats, and raccoons for the Universal Studios Animal Actors show and for film and television.

After having so much success working with such a wide variety of animals, Stacy decided that she wanted to help other dog owners learn to train their pets.

“There is no doubt in my mind that I LOVE working with Dogs! They are so much fun to work with and the results are so rewarding. It is so great that I can help other people learn to love their dog even more. OC Paws will deliver the results the customer wants. A well-trained dog is a happy dog, and a happy dog equals a happy owner!”

Some photos of Stacy enjoying being an animal trainer:

swdolphin  slppenguin 042 IMG_0349  IMG_0675   uaahawk     monkeyuaa  IMG_0499

IMG_0127Kelli Duffle

Kelli is a professional dog trainer with several years of experience and a lifetime of love. As a toddler she had to be watched constantly or she’d run to and throw her arms around every dog she saw, no matter the size! More recently she attended and graduated with honors from Animal Behavior College
where she achieved certification in positive, reinforcement-based dog training as well as pet CPR. Since graduating she has worked at a rehabilitation center for aggressive dogs and has become the Secretary and CFO of a no-kill, non-profit rescue that specializes in rescuing, rehabilitating, and rehoming dogs that are due to be euthanized for behavior problems.

Kelli really enjoys helping clients achieve an open line of communication with their pet, she strives to improve this relationship. Her clients–and everyone else!– describe her as fun, with a passion for dogs and a knack for explaining dog behavior needs in a way that is easy to understand. She has never met a dog she didn’t like!

Snow and AJ Amanda J. McKitterick

Animals have always been Amanda’s true love and passion in life. Starting
in 5th grade, she became very fascinated by animal behavior. When she was
13 she trained the family dog. They developed a wonderful bond which
became stronger as they learned to communicate better. Amanda had
developed a passion for training animals.

Not realizing this passion could become a career, Amanda finished high
school and joined the US Navy. The military taught her computer skills
which helped her make a fine living, but it never made her truly happy.
In 2010, she rediscovered her love for dog training. Amanda decided to
change careers and become a trainer full time. To start her formal dog
training education, Amanda enrolled at the Animal Behavior College. She
was taught several learning theories, basic behaviors, and more. She
began volunteering at a local shelter to start putting her new knowledge
to the test. Through the Animal Behavior College, Amanda met a seasoned
local trainer and began to intern under her for the next few of years. It
was during that internship where Amanda was introduced to the science of
reward marker training techniques and theories. Intrigued by what she was
learning, she continued to attend classes and seminars while working with
local clients and shelter dogs. In early 2015, Amanda enrolled in the
Karen Pryor Academy for Dog Training Professionals to become certified in
the KPA techniques. She began with their Fundamentals program and
continued to the Dog Training Professional program. Amanda graduated with
distinction in December of 2015.

Amanda has had the pleasure of helping several troubled shelter dogs
become adoptable. This was done through training those dogs along with
teaching force-free techniques to the volunteers at the shelters. In
addition to all that, Amanda has been educated to help families regarding
dog safety and bite prevention. She also specializes in assisting new
parents to better prepare their pets for the arrival of their new babies.
She loves working closely with her clients and their dogs to help them
with their unique situations. Amanda’s goal is to teach both to live
long, happily lives together.

“…successful animal training can be rooted in cooperative partnerships,
shared joy, and genuine love.”
– Kathy Sdao, Plenty in Life is Free