Training Programs

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While many other dog trainers offer pre-set or “structured” programs, OC Paws will create an individual, unique training plan tailored to YOUR dog. This will ensure we have the best training program for your pet. Every dog, just like every person, is different. Each dog deserves their own individual training plan.

This is why we offer a FREE, NO OBLIGATION In-Home training evaluation for your dog. A trainer will come to your home and evaluate your dog. We base these evaluations on a number of factors: age, breed, attitude, attention, demeanor, body language, daily routine, and other behavioral components. After this, the trainer will sit with you, the owner, and discuss your goals and wants for your dog.

This will then give the trainer the information they need to come up with a training plan that will ensure “Only PAWSitive Results!”

This type of training program will allow the trainer, your dog, and you to get the best results in the most optimal amount of time. There are no “quick” fixes when it comes to behavior, but rest assured, with our animal training experience we will give you the best training program for your dog.

What if you don’t like what you hear? No problem, just take our advice from the evaluation and you owe us nothing! Just like our training sessions, we only end on a positive note!

The Simple Steps:

1. Call or e-mail us to schedule a free, no obligation in-home consultation

2. A Trainer will come to your home for free to evaluate your dogs behavior and speak with you about all of your needs and wants for your dog.

3. The trainer will customize a training program for you and your dog and training can start right away!


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